Complete Style Guide For Modern Indian Brides To Rock The Minimal Look On Their Wedding


There would hardly be any woman who would not be aware of the new-age mantra of the world of fashion and makeup, that is, ‘minimalism’. This trend has been loved by a large number of women all across the world. And, the same is being followed even by many Indian brides these days. Unlike what it usually used to be earlier, the Indian brides today prefer donning lavishness and luxury in a very subtle manner.

However, getting the minimalistic look right can be quite a challenge for a bride. While you would not want to go over the top with your look, you would also not want to be overshadowed by your overdressed guests. So, if you are a soon-to-be bride with a sophisticated taste, and want to look simple yet not underdressed on your wedding day, then here are some really amazing tips for you.

#1. Wedding dress

Your wedding dress would be one of the most important parts of your bridal look. So, to keep your look minimalistic, prefer thinking beyond the traditional shades of red. You can opt for your lehenga or saree in various icy pastel shades, like peach, blue, pink, green, etc. You can even look for a wedding dress in the muted hues, such as off white, beige, custard, etc., complemented with dark toned trims in blue, red, etc.

And, if you do not want to be much experimental with the colour, then you can try the colours having just a little twist in the traditional ones. In that case, some really great options for you can be, marsala, tangerine, brick red, etc. Apart from the colours, a flavour of bling is also required in an Indian bridal outfit to make it look complete. So, to ensure you adopt minimalism even in this aspect, try the lightweight stonework, pearls, thread embroidery, etc. This will let you ensure that your wedding dress looks no less than any conventional one that has heavy stonework or zardozi.

You can also take inspiration from some of our beautiful real brides, who opted for these colours for their wedding outfits. Despite their subtle bridal look, all of them looked as stunning as a royal princess.

#2. Jewellery

Precious jewellery is yet another quintessential part of an Indian bride. In order to ensure your minimalistic look, avoid grand jewellery pieces, especially for neck. Some of the trendy options for you can be broad chokers or medium-length necklaces.

However, you can go with slightly heavier earrings and maang tikkas, so as to balance the look of your face. Wear gold only if your wedding dress has the same shade. Otherwise, go with the pearls or coloured stones matching with your outfit. Always make sure that your jewellery matches with your dress and accentuates your look.Apart from the gorgeous beauties straight from the ramp as well as Bollywood, here are some stunningly beautiful real brides you must take a look at. These beauties certainly knew how to strike the right balance between their wedding jewellery and outfit.

#3. Makeup

Makeup can make a world of difference to a bride’s overall look. The best way to strike a balance between simplicity and grandeur is to either highlight the eyes or the lips, not both. If you want smokey eyes, then do the lipstick and cheeks in subtle shades. Coral shades are one of the best options as they go well with the Indian skin tone. On the other hand, you can opt for hot red, pink or orange, if you prefer a natural makeup for your eyes.

Also, do not miss these gorgeous ladies, who went with the minimal makeup look on their wedding day. Truly, they just proved that smile is the most important ornament of a bride.

#4. Hairstyle

Any bride’s hairdo is as important as her dress or makeup. A good hairstyle is like the crowning glory that enhances the beauty of a bride. Well, if you have been subtle in all other aspects like your dress, jewellery and makeup, then hairstyle is something you can really go loud with. You may go retro with a puff teamed up with open curls hanging at the back or even front. And, there of course, are plaits for long-haired brides, which can be either messy or neat depending upon your choice. Buns being yet another classic of all the times can also be good option for you. At the end, do not forget to add accessories to your hairdo to make it stand out.

And, here are some hairstyle ideas you can steal from our pretty real brides, so as to ensure that you look perfect from head to toe on your wedding day.




Credit : By Team BollywoodShaadis

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